Hostgator VPS Hosting

Established in 2002, Hostgator prides itself as being one of the most popular webhosting companies that provides the best quality service in webhosting. In the year 2010, the company introduced the Hostgator VPS into the market. The question on everybody’s mind is what is a VPS? Well a virtual private service (VPS) is a specialized server that has been partitioned into different chambers such that clients are allocated the different compartments within the server. The VPS is quite reliable due to the fact that clients are allocated compartments in the server which they do not share with other clients.

In order to understand the full benefits of a VPS, it is a good idea to compare it with the other forms of hosting. These include the following;

Shared hosting

In shared hosting, companies share the resources within a given server thus making the hosting service quite unreliable. The fact that clients share the resources on a server makes it quite cheaper to implement. It is often preferred by small companies and home users.

Dedicated hosting

It is known to be a very reliable hosting service. Clients do not share resources on a particular server but rather have the server all to themselves. This makes it reliable but a bit expensive as compared to the other hosting services.

Hostgator VPS hosting

As earlier noted the virtual private server is simply a server that has been sub divided into different compartments. Clients are then assigned the different compartments within the server for use. Each compartment has its own operating system. There are numerous benefits companies can enjoy with this arrangement. Some of these benefits include;

The ability to host numerous blogs within one private server is a very powerful advantage of the VPS. Traditionally hosting numerous blogs used to cost a lot of money making the process quite expensive. Hosting numerous blogs has been made easier with VPS due to the fact that you only have to create a new account and assign the usage of your private server to the new blog. This helps clients save a lot of money.

As compared to the shared hosting service VPS is quite faster in terms of loading your web pages. The shared hosting tends to slow down the processing power of the server due to the fact that many clients are sharing the same server. VPS is fast even during the peak internet usage hours. You can get more info on Hostgator hosting here.


Hostgator has introduced unique Hostgator VPS coupon codes into the market to help customers take advantage of the virtual private service. The coupons are meant to help clients save on their hard earned money. Hostgator hosting offers new clients an ability to take advantage of the VPS service for as little as 1 penny during the first month. This is meant to give clients an opportunity to test the VPS before they are able to purchase the service. Potential clients are also given special codes that enable them get discounts once they purchase the VPS service. The services that are available at a discounted price include domain registration and hosting. Visit original source link for best Host Gator VPS coupon codes.

Hostgator has continued to provide quality services when it comes to web hosting. Host Gator web hosting has a reputation of being well vast on their products and very reliable in terms of uptime speed.

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